About Chris

I can certainly say that my life has been an adventure with a lot of unexpected twists and turns.  Anyone who says that walking with God is boring needs to check their pulse.  Our ride has been exciting, scary and fun!  Sometimes all in the same day! 😁

My path into ministry has not been what I would consider “traditional”.  I have a Marketing Management/Business degree from the University of North Texas.  While in college I was in Army ROTC and the Texas National Guard, my plan was to enter into my Master’s Degree while finishing ROTC and make a career out of the military.  I loved all things military and was on the fast track.  Signed up for airborne school and combat arms I was moving ahead.  Then I received my “call” to ministry.  And “the rest is history” as they say.

Tricia and I met in 1990 and married in 1993.  She is a saint…hang around with me for a week and you will agree.  Beautiful, brilliant and great at everything she does.  She has the gift to see beauty and potential in everything whether that be an old piece of furniture or a person and then draw it out and show it to the world.  She’s wonderful and I could not have a better soulmate…oh yeah and she bakes amazing cakes too.  BONUS!

We have 3 amazing kids.  I know, everyone says that but our kids really are ridiculously awesome!  Taylor is a senior at Bible College in Texas studying worship and kids ministry.  She is interning at a mega church where she helps lead the kids worship team and kids ministry.  Amazingly gifted and beautiful.  Myles is a Sophomore in college and is working towards his degree in Fire Science…yep he’s a firefighter/EMT.  Wants to help people…and burn stuff up.  I like it!  One blessed girl is going to get to marry him…he makes me want to be a better man.  His wisdom and desire to help people just amaze me.  Kennedy is our youngest.  16 years old.  “The General” as my dad calls her.  She is gorgeous, talented and driven more than just about anyone I have ever been around.  She has more natural leadership ability in her pinky than many executives I’ve known.  Watch out world she is coming and God has a special call on her life.  We are blessed!

Our path post college has led us down the ministry and business worlds intermittently and in retrospect they have fed each other and helped mold me personally and professionally into a better leader and Christ follower.  Tricia and I have served as youth pastors for a combination of 8 years, as co-executive pastor at Faith Family Church in Victoria, Texas a 3,000 member church in South Texas for 3 years and now senior pastors for 6 years at Highland Assembly here in north central Arkansas.  On the business track I have served as the Director of Marketing for Southwest Sports Group broadcast division (Texas Rangers/Dallas Stars) at the Ballpark in Arlington for 3 years and as the Chief Production Officer for Kenneth Copeland Ministries for 3 years.

The question has been asked, “How did you go from a huge mega church in a city to a rural community with a population of 7,800?”  The honest answer is God’s call and it’s been a blast.  While at Faith Family Church I served as co-executive pastor and as the executive director of the Significant Church Network.  An organization with hundreds of small county pastors committed to growing in leadership ability and influence in often overlooked places.  As director I had the honor to serve these pastors under Pastor Jim Graff and seeing them make an impact in places most folks may not even know exist inspired us.  I learned that leadership is about influence and a life giving church in a small community can literally turn things around for a community and a county.  Don’t get me wrong…I love what mega churches can do!  But I equally love what a church can do in a small community by by making a difference in ways that would be a challenge in a mega church environment.  God is using them both!

I think of community impact and church growth by percentages.  For instance, if you are a pastor, how many folks in a 10-20 mile radius attend your church?  If your church is inching up to the 2-3 percent of your local population then you are making a difference!  Our church has grown from 75 to over 300 in weekly attendance AND a church growth consultant estimates we are reaching 700 unique folks a month in our services!  What a testimony to what God can do if we will give Him a chance!  As the percentage grows then so does your influence.  More on this later in different posts.

If you have any thoughts or questions regarding church growth, ministry in mega or rural churches let’s visit!  cclem.highland@gmail.com

Better Together,


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